Industrial Automation Repair Inc. is North America's leading and well established company specializing in Servo Motor Repair, Servo drive repair, DC drive repair, AC drive repair and much more. I.A.R. provides cost effective solution for all your industrial automation repair requirements.

Why Choose I.A.R?

  • Optional One Year Warranty- I.A.R. offers optional one-year warranty. Call or Email for details.
  • Express Shipping- I.A.R shipping department offers services around the year including weekends, statutory holidays.
  • Exchange Services- Have a bad unit or machine down? Try our exchange services. Refurbished item can be shipped at genuine price to save you downtime.
  • Free Evaluation- Have doubts about repairing your bad unit? Don't worry. We offer free evaluation. Generally, it saves you 70% of the cost of buying a new unit
  • State of Art Facilities- When downtime strikes, it's good to have us by your side. Need a fast repair? Try our express service. On a tight Budget? Our Commissioning and on-site support is priced competitively. We understand the stress and cost that comes with machine downtime, we will work with you to eliminate it fast.
  • Highly-Trained Engineers- At the core of our Automation Repair Service is our team of highly-skilled engineers who are trained on vast array of equipment.

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